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This genus has 3 species in it as of May 24, 2009. There has been a lot of movement in determination of the species. The differentation of the 3 species is found only during the period where the plant is immature. Once the plant becomes mature, the differences are no longer there and only flowering and seed can differentiate. According to observations and experience, the following is known: - The alfredii is the fastest growing and shares similar cold hardiness with madagascariensis. It produces strap leaves as a seedling for a longer time than the other 2 species. - The madagascariensis is slower growing than the alfredii and produces pinnate leaves even as a seedling. - The 'windows' species (no official name has yet to be given) is the most tropical of the 3 species, although its lower limits may not yet have been tested. It has the unique form as a juvenile to produce its pinnate leaves with 'windows' close to the petiole, closing at the edge of the leaflets. There is a lot to be known about these 3 palms. All are from Madagascar, and share significant overlap in their ranges. Renaming has caused some domestic gardeners to believe they have one of these palms but in fact, have another. There is great anticipation to see how these palms perform in the Mediterranean climates in the US, as their form is similar to a coconut palm, yet having a much greater cold-hardiness.


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