Syagrus schizophylla

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Syagrus (see-AHG-ruhs)
schizophylla (skihz-OH-fihl-lah)
Miami FL. Photo by Jody Haynes.
Scientific Classification
Genus: Syagrus (see-AHG-ruhs)
schizophylla (skihz-OH-fihl-lah)
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Pinnate
Survivability index
Common names
Arikury Palm

Habitat and Distribution

Syagrus schizophylla is found in Brazil Northeast, and Brazil Southeast.
Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center, FL. Photo by H.P. Leu Gardens Botanist Eric S.
Found in sandy coastal areas.


It reaches a height of 2-4 m. and up to 25 cm. thick, dark green pinnate leaves 1-2 m. long arching decoratively. Leaflets widths that are notched at apex, bright green color. Petiole very thin, about 50-80 cm. long, purple-black, mostly in the margins, with spines near the base. Inflorescences born in the axils of the lower leaves. Fruit ellipsoid of 2-3 cm. long, bright orange-yellow. (from the spanish) Editing by edric.


Prefers an open sunny, well drained position, but will grow in filtered light. Seeds germinate in 2-4 months. Quite cold tolerant.

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Comments and Curiosities

Etymology: Schizophylla, from Greek schizo = split, and phyllon = leaf with divided leaves.

"This is a unique Syagrus (most look just like a Queen palm, the most common Syagrus species). It has a very small habit, usually only growing up to 10' in cultivation and it's very slow at getting there (especially here in So Cal- warmer climates like Florida and tropics is much faster, but still considered slow). It is a very neat, attractive palm with nicely arched leaves and leaflets on a single plane (compared to most Syagrus which have plumose leaflets- on multiple planes). This is the one of only a few Syagrus with teeth along the petioles. A young plant sometimes is confused with a species of Phoenix. It is used commonly for landscaping in the warmer climates. Here in So Cal it's mostly just for palm enthusiasts since it's such a slug." (Geoff Stein)

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Glossary of Palm Terms; Based on the glossary in Dransfield, J., N.W. Uhl, C.B. Asmussen-Lange, W.J. Baker, M.M. Harley & C.E. Lewis. 2008. Genera Palmarum - Evolution and Classification of the Palms. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. All images copyright of the artists and photographers (see images for credits).

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