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<google>CH02</google> This is the very first attempt at trying a garden tour with this new virtual reality software. This is the "Mana Mauka" garden located on the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is only a few years old, but palms grow fast here and in a year or two I'll be better with the software, and the palms will be a little bigger. I'll leave this for your viewing so you will hopefully see the improvement in technique as I attempt more of these.

The "hot spots" are difficult to locate, but they, and the names of the palms, should "light up" for you as you mouse over them.

Click on the photo to begin loading the panoramas. There are several ways to manipulate the image once it is loaded.

  • 1) The mouse can be clicked and dragged across the image. After you get the hang of it, this is perhaps the easiest if not the most fun. It's 360 degrees up and down as well.
  • 2) The keystroke shortcuts are (after clicking on the image) --- "arrow keys" for left/right and up/down, and "shift key" for zoom-in with "ctrl" key for zoom-out. Probably the quickest, easiest, and most accurate way of exploring the scenery.
  • 3) Look for "Hot Spots" that highlight with a mouse hover. Click on them to move to that area for another panorama.

Don't forget to Zoom in and out (buttons on the bottom left), and the Full Screen option should be available with a right click.