Licuala mirabilis

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Licuala (lik-oo-AH-lah)
mirabilis (mihr-rah-BIHL-iss)
Bukit Mertajam, Perak, Malaysia. Photo by Dr. John Dransfield, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew/Palmweb.
Scientific Classification
Genus: Licuala (lik-oo-AH-lah)
mirabilis (mihr-rah-BIHL-iss)
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Costapalmate
Survivability index
Common names

Habitat and Distribution

Malaysia. MALAY PENINSULA: Kedah, Ayer Terjang Valley in Baling. Yan (Ridley in June 1893).
Photo-Malaysia Biological Diversity
Province Wellesley, Permatang Bertam? (Ridley in 1895) ; Bukit Mertajam, alt. about 450 m. Perak, Bukit Merbau Balong in Kroh.


Palm isolated or sobolifera, with stem 1-1 · 5 m 3-4 m long. tall. Petiole about 1.5 m long, sheath fibrous soon deciduous prreditus drooping, the 2/3 parts BENT BACKWARD basal spines, lower robust 4 mm high, 1-2 mm thick, dark upper arms. segments 20-27 leaves, very narrow toward the base, nearly stalked, apex 3,5-7 cm wide, 5-15 mm deeply toothed, 2-3, rarely 4-6, ribbed, the other a little more middle 3-6 ribbed, less deeply toothed. Spadix long petiole shorter, to 45 cm long. SLICE fugaceo furfuracre base Tubular overhead suddenly inflated, acute apex, on one side GAP, part of ears pedicellarem mostly axillary overwhelming. lnfiorescentia the partial spikelets 2-5 axis divided pubescent, pedicel to 2.5 cm long, below the rim SLICE axillantis generally east, often edging SLICE less. Markedly pedicellati flowers, duplicated or solitary. Turbinate calyx campanulate, pubescent, apex membranous, lobed truncatoides or in part, on the base hardened cylinder abruptly narrowed. calyx corolla twice as long, densely silky. Staminal filaments in the ring 6, equal abruptly subulate above. Eggs memoir smooth. Fruit globose, acute at both ends, 10-12 cm long, 6-8 mm thick, white flesh, whitish, ditch integumentale cylinders, the top of a little wide, sometimes biapicali. ( (From the Latin) Editing by edric.


Tropical Moist Forest, Cold Hardiness Zone: 10b

Comments and Curiosities

Etymology: mirabilis; literally, wonderful.

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