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Codiaeum variegatum Fred Sander

This croton was named after Belgian growers Sander and Son. It was first described in the Gardener's Chronicle, (London), on April 25th, 1908. Over the years there has been confusion over the correct name. In The Christian Papers (19??) and Reasoner's Catalog (1937), it was referred to as Mrs. Fred Sanders. In Dr. Frank Brown's first croton book, Florida's Beautiful Crotons, (1960), he mentions that this croton was frequently erroneously referred to as Mrs. Fred Sanders. Presently, some also think this cultivar was named The Earl of Derby before it was called Fred Sander. There is no available written documentation of this, however, although The Gardener's Chronicle mentions this variety in 1878. The above name and spelling represent the best available information of this cultivar to date.

REF: Brown, B. Frank 1995 Crotons of the World p.105. The Ralph Davis Hybrid photo p.11 is also believed to be Fred Sander.