Chamaedorea adscendens

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adscendens (ahd-SEN-denz)
Scientific Classification
Genus: Chamaedorea
adscendens (ahd-SEN-denz)
Kinetostigma adscendens, Tuerckheimia adscendens
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Pinnate & bifid.
Survivability index
Common names
Velvet Palm

Habitat and Distribution

Chamaedorea adscendens is found in Central America (GUATEMALA. Alta Verapaz. Peten.
BELIZE. Toledo). It grows to an elevation of 700 m in moist or wet forest on the Atlantic slope on solid limestone. It is not widly distributed - occurring only on infrequent steep hillside locations near the summits.


Chamaedorea adscenders is an unusually attractive small palm growing to a maximum height of 2.5 meters after many years. It is generally available from specialty nurseries. Its velvety textured grey-blue-green leaves are some of the thickest in the genus. Usually pinnate, some bifid leaves are not uncommon, generally occurring on the younger individuals. Since it is a solitary palm, it is particularly stunning when planted as a small grouping. Such a display deserves a place in any garden where a grouping of small palms would make a good addition. Editing by edric.


Warm, sheltered and moist. It will survive in mild Mediterranean type climates. Like most Chamaedoreas it benefits from a clean layer of mulch. Since it is found on limestone, appropriate pH and addition of lime may prove beneficial in certain growing situations. It is from a region which has sometimes prolonged drought conditions, and anecdotal reports from gardeners indicates it is indeed quite drought tolerant, especially for such a dainty tropical looking palm.

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Comments and Curiosities

Chamaedorea is a dioecious genus with male and female flowers occuring on separate plants. The Greek is translated to mean “gift on the ground” - possibly referring to the small stature and pleasant surprise of finding such a gem at your feet.

Adscendens is a Latin word for ascending, apparently in reference to the inflorescences. However, the author did not specifically note whether it was referring to such.

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