Areca ipot

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Areca (ah-REHK-ah)
ipot (EE-poht)
Photo-Rare Palm
Scientific Classification
Genus: Areca (ah-REHK-ah)
ipot (EE-poht)
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Pinnate
Survivability index
Common names

Habitat and Distribution

Areca ipot is an understory palm of the Philippine


Basically a smaller version of the Betel Nut Palm, Areca catechu .It has a smooth, ringed, green trunk to 4 m., a green crownshaft that holds an elegant crown of keeled, ascending leaves with broad, glossy green leaflets. The attractive infructescence, made up of oval shaped, 5cm long, orange to red large fruits, that ripen from green through yellow to orange, are held tightly clustered on a very short, erect stalk, and readily identify this species, topped with a small gracefull, upward pointing head of leaves. Editing by edric


A sheltered, shady, moist spot in the tropics/sub-tropics. Hardiness USDA zones, 10B-11. A very attractive palm, fast becoming a favourite amongst palm collectors.

Comments and Curiosities

In its native habitat, it is under threat by the destruction of its habitat, and over-collection of the seeds for betel nut chewing. In cultivation it is best suited to the tropics. It is easy and fast growing and has great potential as a landscape plant.

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