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<google>CH02</google> If you have a slower computer, and are experiencing problems with viewing PalmMag Online, please read below.

For anyone with a slower computer, and/or internet connection, here are a few tips and tricks that may prove useful.

  • The smaller you make the pages, the easier it will be to load and view. Use the control buttons at the top to reduce the size if needed. If you aren't having any issues, try increasing the size. You are able to use a full screen mode if your computer will support it. The quality has been preserved at the expense of leaving a few of you unable to view. But in a year or two, with prices coming down and technology advancing, all of you will be able to enjoy the audio and video in time - even on your big screen if you wish. Methods to view your computer pics and music, as well as actually surfing the web on your big screen are becoming more available, affordable, and user friendly. So we have published with the quality to make this possible.
  • There is also a button that will allow a high and low quality mode. The low quality will make the text harder to read, but it will help as you flip through. Then you can increase the quality when you wish to read.
  • Some browsers work better than others. It you are having trouble with Internet Explorer you may wish to try Firefox. It seems to work well. It's a better browser anyway. :) If you are on a slower Mac, I found that Firefox worked much better than Safari.
  • And just being patient while allowing things to fully load may also offer an improvement.
  • Turn off the background sound using one of the buttons at the top.

If all else fails, save the web address and check it out on a friend's computer, or at work. I'm sure you will find the entire smooth experience worthwhile.