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Toby, This is what your banner looks like if I simply "stretch" it to fit the banner ad space I would like to use. Of course it looks better how you originally proportioned it. Can you forward this address to your webmaster (graphic designer), and see how much trouble it would be to tweak the banner you would like to use to the sizes listed below? Since it is animated, it would be a major task for me to try and alter the original .gifs

I'm hoping he may have an easy way to add a little height to it. If not, I can always try and add your ad to the center below/above the two offered now, and have three ads in the header space. That way it would be "balanced." Since yours is not as tall, it wouldn't take up much more space. But my preference would be to start slower with only two ads side by side.


The two banners below are proportioned (scaled) as the originals.

'WIDTH="624" HEIGHT="80"'

WIDTH="702" HEIGHT="90"