Ride a Zip Line

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Here's a cool video that gives you some idea of what it was like as one by one you are clipped on, and then ride one of nine zip lines through the canopy. This is the last and longest ride across the river. The others were all through the tree tops.

On a PC, QuickTime is needed to view this movie. You probably already have it, so try first. But if not - GET QUICKTIME Macs need nothing special.

If you still use Internet Explorer on your PC, you may need to wait a few minutes before it will start playing. Try Firefox. It's a quick painless installation, and a much better browser.

http://www.palmpedia.net/wiki/images/2/23/Getfirefox_large2.png MOVIES LOAD AND PLAY QUICKLY WITH FIREFOX

Ride a Zip Line Takes 10-30 seconds or less to load and play.

Ride a Zip Line Higher quality, but 3-4 minutes to load and play.