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To say the garden of Pauleen Sullivan, in Kapoho on the the Big Island of Hawaii, is eleven acres of palms is the under statement of a life time. It is eleven acres created by one of the world's most dedicated and well known "Palm Veterans," consisting of some of the oldest rare palms in cultivation.

Exclusive for palm trees, the unique layout provides unobstructed views of the hundreds of species. The climate at Kapoho is warmer and drier than most of the other botanical gardens in Hawaii. For this reason the palms have grown faster than at some of the other locations. But unfortunately, this has also meant that irrigation is necessary. And because the property has been on the market for a while, the palms have begun to suffer some, from a combination of insufficient water and fertilizer. Hopefully someone will soon show some interest in purchasing this property and in a short time should be able to bring this garden back up to it's full potential.

The following slideshow is simply a short 4 min compilation of 50 photos to give some idea of the scope and layout of this fantastic testament to Palms.

UPDATE: The property sold around the end of 2010. The future of the property is uncertain.

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