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Multicolor is also known as Little Miss Cobra Head and Cobra Head.

Introduced from the South Sea Islands through the late John Gould Veitch.

REF: Veitchs' Catlg. of Pl. 1871, p. 15, fig. p.4 ; Fl and Pom. 1872, p. 89.

REF: Brown, B. Frank 1995 Crotons of the World p.78.

The leaves are very irregular in shape, oblong, spathu-late, tapering at the base, and contracting in an irregular manner at the centre. They attain a length of 8 to 9 inches. The young leaves are of a light-green blotched with yellow, but turning with age on the upper surface into a glossy green, puckered and irregularly blotched with yellow, reddish yellow, and red; the midrib is crimson, the secondary veins yellowish, the under surface being red, and from this great diversity of colouring it received the name Multicolor.

REF: This section is from the book "The Gardener V1", by William Thomson.