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Codiaeum variegatum Johannis

The synonym for this elegant croton is Angustissimum.

Croton Johannis, Hort. : A variety from the South Sea Islands through the late John Gould Veitch, after whom it was named, with long narrow leaves of a glossy green colour, the centre and margins flaked with bright yellow.

Ref: Gard. Chron. 1868, p. 844, id. 1871, p. 612, fig. 123; Veitchs’ Catlg. Pl. 1871, p. 14, fig. p. 13

As usual, the Crotons occupy a prominent place. The South Sea Islands seem to have been a favorite home for these plants, and the late John Gould Veitch had evidently well employed his time in both collection and selection. We have again, in addition to the fine things of former years, Codiaeum (Croton) Johannis variegatum, with long drooping leaves of broad green, with margins and centre yellow and white, valuable and effective plants in gas light, and therefore highly suitable-like the whole of the family, for dinner table decoration.

Ref: THE VILLA GARDENER VOL 2, A Handbook Amateur and Practical Gardeners by Edward Hobday, 1872, pg. 437

Croton Johannis: This is one of the most elegant and distinct of all the recent introductions of this useful class of plants. It was discovered by the late Mr. John Gould Veitch in the South Sea Islands. The leaves are of a glossy-green colour, the margins and centre being of a bright orange yellow. They attain a length of 20 to 24 inches … they have a graceful drooping habit, which makes it a most suitable plant for table and room decoration. It is as easy to cultivate as the general run of Crotons, and it well deserves a place in every collection of ornamental foliaged stove-plants.

Ref: This section is from the book "The Gardener V1", 1869, by William Thomson.

Named after a member of the Veitch family. Enterprising botanists who were responsible for the contribution of Crotons worldwide. They had traveled to the South Pacific and brought this hybrid back to their native England.

REF: Brown, B. Frank 1995 Crotons of the World p.79.

Long narrow leaves; center and margins light yellow.

REF: Reasoner's Tropical Nurseries inc, croton listing. Group 1, Common Varieties, p.2.

Type C, 1/2" x 12", - Long narrow green leaves, it's midrib and margin light yellow.

REF: Paper prepared by Wm. A. Geiger in collaboration with Mr. Christian of the Christian Nursery, Mr. Van der Lean and Mr. George L. Peacock. p.11, p.16.