Hyophorbe indica

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Hyophorbe (hy-oh-FOR-beh)
indica (in-DEE-kah)
Brisbane, Australia. Phil Arrowsmith's garden. Photo by Daryl O'Connor
Scientific Classification
Genus: Hyophorbe (hy-oh-FOR-beh)
indica (in-DEE-kah)
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: solitary
Leaf type: pinnate
Height: 20 ft/6 m
Trunk diameter: 8"/20 cm
Sun exposure: grow into full sun
Watering: moderate, always moist
Soil type: well drained
Survivability index
Common names
Champagne palm, poison palm

Habitat and Distribution

Hyophorbe indica is endemic to La Reunion Island in the Mascarene Islands east of Madagascar.

25 months old from seed, two red, and three green, the tallest one on left, is six foot four, from soil elevation to tip of frond, Oak Hill, Florida.


A solitary, medium-size crownshafted palm with the southern variety having distinctive rusty-red color to the crownshaft; there is also a more common green form from the eastern side of the island. Unlike H. lagenicaulis or verschaffeltii, it does not exhibit any bulging of the trunk.


As with many palms, seedlings prefer shade, but as the palm matures it can take more sun, even full sun in coastal conditions. Cold Hardiness Zone: 10a

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Comments and Curiosities

(Southern var.) An exceedingly rare relative of the well known Bottle and Spindle palms from the Mascarene Islands this species has a much more slender appearance and is very fast growing. The more cold tolerant southern populations on Réunion with red petioles. (Eastern var.) This form comes from populations on the eastern side of Réunion Island, which have green petioles and are incredibly fast growing. Said to be less cold hady, but I find no difference

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