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OK Geoff - Here's your own page to play with.

Click on the Edit Tab to see what I did to make this page display as it is. Then just play around to your hearts content. You may wish to bookmark it so you can find your way back, because we have yet to link or index it to anything. But you can always search for it in the search box. Just enter "Geoff's Page," or anything similar and you will find it.

Or, another useful tip is in the left sidebar, under USEFUL LINKS, there is "Recent Changes." Click on that and you can find all new changes, including your own. For example, I am going to go there and copy the following files you uploaded. They will display as photos if posted in the following format - again, click on edit to see that format.

Nice Photo Geoff

Now I'm going to make the same photo appear larger and in a different location

See How Easy

There are other little "tricks" with formating, but I'll let you experiment here for a bit. The main thing to remember is that you can't mess anything up. And also, if you notice, there is a Preview Option to see what you did before you Save.

I'll be back to see what you have been doing here. I will be able to see every change you have made in the Recent Changes. So just have fun. :) This one I just uploaded with a new spiffy drag and drop uploading system. Becarriophoenx-young.jpg

I am adding comments to this thumbnail, and putting it on the right of the page at the bottom for now

Testing huge photo upload 6 MB TestUpload.JPG