Dypsis sp. 'slick willy'

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This palm was first introduced by Mardy Darian in the early 1990s. How do I know? Because it was named along with another Dypsis, unknown at the time --- The Al Gore. (U.S. President Bill Clinton's nckname was "Slick Willy" and his Vice-President was Al Gore) The Al Gore has since been identified as Dypsis rivularis.

While the "Slick Willy" resembles the 'stiff form' Dypsis onilahensis when mature, there are several major differences. The 'Slick Willy/Bef' has a heel. The D. onilahensis does not. The 'Slick Willy/Bef' "splits" like a Dypsis decipiens to attain it's multiple trunks. Dypsis onilahensis suckers in the traditional manner of most suckering palms. The result is a 'Slick Willy' with few (usually less than 4) trunks of the same size. And a D. onilahensis with more trunks of differing sizes, and perhaps a few small suckers as well.

But the superficial similarities of the two adults, especially when only seen as mature specimens in habitat, may have resulted in some confusion.

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'Bef' in Hawaii, Garden of Jeff & Suchin Marcus. Note trunks all of same age, from subterannean splitting, not suckers
'Bef' Close up

For Comparison - D. onilahensis 'stiff form'
For Comparison - D. onilahensis 'stiff form,' Note trunks of varying ages, from 'suckers,' not subterranean spliting