Dypsis sp. 'Black Stem'

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If only all the Dypsteries were solved so easily. Dr. John Dransfield's protégé Mijoro Rakotoarinivo, himself now with a Doctorate in Botany, has identified this beautiful palm as Dypsis baronii. There is no doubt that this ID has opened up the possibility that other palms with differing color, but resembling D. baronii in structure, may be variations of this species. We are certainly most fortunate to have this mystery solved beyond such a shadow of a doubt.

Now, this does not mean that palms previously sold as D. 'black stem' are this palm. In fact, it is possible that palms with that name from several years ago may be D. psammophila.

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Joro identifying the Dypsis sp. 'black stem' at The Vakona Lodge as D. baronii
In cultivation, Madagascar

In cultivation, Madagascar