Dypsis basilongas/Dypsis 'laffa' dwarf saintlucei

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Ultra Hi-Res Photos of Dypsis basilongas, and the Floribunda palm known as Dypsis sp. "Dwarf saint lucei," sometimes referred to as D. laffa. It has been suggested that they are one in the same.

These are large files, so may take a little time to load, but you can then zoom in very close for details in order to compare. You can use the zoom on your browser to get really close.

A grouping of Dypsis basilongas - older plants to the left. Notice they are going plumose.
Close up of older D. basilongas

Close up of younger D. basilongas
The palm Jeff calls Dypsis sp. 'saintlucei dwarf' with a D saintlucei on the left