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Edit: This article was created in 2008. It is an interesting reference to look back and see where the mysteries surrounding Dypsis were at one point and compare things to as they are today as you read this. For this reason, we will keep it here as a curiousity for your enjoyment.

Anyone who knows Dypsis knows we have a lot of mystery surrounding the IDs of many of these wonderful Palms from Madagascar. The many previous discussions, opinions, and photos of these unsolved mysteries are now a hodgepodge of scattered information, hard to find and research. In an attempt to provide a central and easily accessible "clearing house" for Mystery Dypsis IDs, Palmpedia is providing this area.

Each palm in question will have it's own page with the latest updated collective knowledge pertaining to it's ID. Each page will have a typical forum discussion page (Click the Discussion Tab) tied to this main reference page. Any shared knowledge, opinions, or new pics gained from any forum discussions will be integrated back into the main reference. In this way, the latest opinions, information, and pics about each mystery palm will always be easily accessible and contained in one major article.

If this format proves useful and accepted, we can add some of the other mysteries, and hopefully gain more knowledge of this confusing genus.

Please help me correct any glaring errors you may see. There is quite a bit of information and conflicting opinions presented.


Dypsis prestoniana Mystery

Possible AKAs:

  • 'OCWS'
  • 'Big Curly'
  • 'Mony Mony'
  • Dypsis canaliculata
  • Dypsis sp. 'kanabe'
  • Dypsis sp. 'Maria's stumpy'
  • Dypsis sp. 'Maria's mystery'
  • Dypsis robusta
  • Dypsis sp. 'betafaka'

Dypsis bejofo Mystery


Dypsis sp. 'white'

Possible AKAs:

  • Dypsis tsaratanenensis

Dypsis sp. 'slick willy'

Possible AKAs:

  • Dypsis sp. 'bef'
  • Dypsis onilahensis
  • Dypsis sp. 'Mtn Type B'
  • Dypsis brevinodis

Dypsis sp. 'jurrasic park'

Possible AKAs:

  • Dypsis sohanafensis
  • Dypsis tokoravina

Dypsis sp. 'dark mealy bug'

Dypsis sp. 'big curly'

"SOLVED" MYSTERIES --- Sometimes Creating Others

Dypsis sp. 'Black Stem'

Dypsis tsaravoasira

Possible AKAs:

  • Dypsis nauseosa
  • Dypsis ceracea
  • Dypsis sp. 'orange crush'

Dypsis sp. 'mealy bug'

Confirmed AKA:

  • Dypsis manajarensis

Possible AKAs:

  • Dypsis malcomberi