Copernicia curbeloi

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Copernicia (koh-pehr-nee-SEE-ah)
curbeloi (coor-beh-LOH-ee)
Copernicia curbeloi leafcrown.jpg
Cuba. Photo by Paul Craft.
Scientific Classification
Genus: Copernicia (koh-pehr-nee-SEE-ah)
curbeloi (coor-beh-LOH-ee)
None set.
Native Continent
Leaf type: Coctapalmate
Survivability index
Common names
Yarei De Tejer , or Yarei M.acho

Habitat and Distribution

Copernicia curbeloi is endemic to East-Central Cuba, grows
Cuba. Photo by Paul Craft.
mainly on the savanna.


Robust, solitary trunk, up to 15 meters, and 30-40 cm. in dia., in habitat. Circular costapalmate leaves, with green lamina on the upper side, and slightly silverish on the bottom, 1.3 meters long, with a petiole of 80 cm., armed with thorns. The tomentose inflorescence is arched 3 meters long, and stretches out over the top, and carries groups of 2 to 3. The fruit is globose and about 18 mm. in diam. black when ripe. Editing by edric.


Slow growing, prefers a sunny location, resists drought when mature, but does well with moderate watering, and good drainage. Hardiness: USDA zone: 10a

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