Calyptrocalyx sp. 'kainlas'

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Big Island, Hawaii.
sp. 'kainlas'
Scientific Classification
Genus: Calyptrocalyx
sp. 'kainlas'
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Bifid
Survivability index
Common names

Habitat and Distribution

Calyptrocalyx sp. 'kainlas' is found in Irian Jaya, West New Guinea, (Irian Jaya Barat) Province.


Trunk type: Solitary, a very small palm. Leaf detail: Bifid, diametrically opposed pinnae, V-shaped, with even divisions, redish pink new emergent leaf. Requirements: Near full shade, consistently moist soil, this is an understory palm. Special note: This palm is either an undescribed palm, (an sp.) or a cultivar. One of the most amazing Calyptrocalyx, this solitary dwarf palm grows a slender, cane-like trunk only a few feet tall, with a dense crown of arching, bifid or sparsely pinnate, dark green leaves. The unbranched inflorescences are held among the leaves. The emerging leaf is beautifully dark red. Seedlings have a very dark, almost black leaf color. It is rare in cultivation and best suited for a protected spot in the humid tropical garden. Also marvelous in a pot. Editing by edric.


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