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Codiaeum variegatum Baron Le Compte

This croton is a hybrid developed by French horticulturist Monsieur Compte at Lyons. Introduced as B. Compte, commonly called Baron Compte in the US.

REF: Brown, B Frank 1995 Crotons of the World p.82.

Type o, 4" x 12", - When at it's best is probably the most gorgeously colored of all crotons. In the new leaf the ground color is green with yellow marbling, but as the leaf matures the green turns to nearly jet black and the yellow marbling turns to intense orange red. In fine specimens the orange red covers a good portion of the leaf. The marbling is very irregular. This croton has a tendency to revert to a dark colored type with very little of the orange red coloring. Such specimens should never be used for propagating purposes but for prized plants, only the most highly colored branches should be used.

REF: Paper prepared by Wm. A. Geiger in collaboration with Mr. Christian of the Christian Nursery, Mr. Van der Lean and Mr. George L. Peacock. p.8.

Very dark, medium broad leaves, brilliantly blotched orange-red.

REF: Reasoner's Tropical Nurseries inc, croton listing. Group III, Fancy Sorts, p.4.'