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a- not, without acro- uppermost, farthest
amphi- on both sides andro- male
aniso- unequal anti- opposite of
apo- seperate bathy- lowest
circum- around chloro- green
crassi- thick dialy- seperate
e- without endo- within
epi- above, over ex- without
exo-, extra- without gamo- united
gymno- exposed gyno- female
haplo- single hetero- different
holo- whole homo, homoio- same
hypo-, infra- below inter- between
intra- within iso- equal
macro- large medi- middle
mega- large meso- middle
micro- small multi- many
n-, notho- hybrid ob- inverse
oligo- few ortho- straight
palaeo-, paleo- ancient pallens- pale
pauci- few peri- around
pleio- more pluri- several
poly- many post- after
pro- before proto- first
pseudo- false ptera- wing
ptycho- fold, folded schizo- split
sub- beneath, less than super-, supra- above
sym-, syn- together tenui- thin