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In December of 2008, Jeff and Suchin Marcus of FLORIBUNDA PALMS AND EXOTICS., along with a contingent of Palm Enthusiasts - including the esteemed Dr. John Dransfield - spent almost a month in Madagascar exploring while gathering information and photos of palms.

Jeff was asked by the PALM SOCIETY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA to be the guest speaker at their annual Banquet, and to share what he characterized as an experience of a lifetime. Palmpedia is constantly experimenting with new technologies and ways to present enjoyable palm/plant information to those interested. So the PSSC and Jeff were approached to see if they would agree to allow Palmpedia to explore some way to record and present what was obviously going to be a presentation of great interest.

They both graciously agreed to let Palmpedia try and see what was possible. Special thanks is given to Kim Cyr of the PSSC for her efforts in capturing the audio track. Without her capable technical assistance, this would have gone nowhere in a hurry. I think after you view this, you will agree that the PSSC also deserves everyone's gratitude and support for allowing us the opportunity to view this. And of course, thanks to Jeff of Floribunda Palms, for putting on an informative and entertaining show for our enjoyment.

If you would like to see more productions like this, your support is needed. Consider a membership in the PSSC. You can view some interesting online articles from their world class Journal, or sign up for a membership, HERE. And if you don't already know, there is nobody in the world that supplies a greater mail order selection of quality rare palm seedlings than Jeff Marcus of FLORIBUNDA PALMS AND EXOTICS. Visit his comprehensive website to see what he has to offer.

And Palmpedia would appreciate your support, registration, and feedback as well. (Especially any viewing difficulties) Registration is free and easy - no strings attached. And after doing so you can participate in other Palmpedia activities and features, like clicking on the "Discussion Tab" above to let us know how you like viewing these types of presentations. We intend to produce more, and improve on them if they are enjoyed.

So get comfortable, grab a beverage, hook up your computer to the big screen if you can, and prepare for 90 minutes of a Malagasy adventure. Remember there are controls at the bottom, that may be partially hidden on smaller screens. So you may need to scroll down. You can pause, advance, select slides, and go to a full screen mode for a quality viewing experience.

IMPORTANT: Jeff talks and "sets the stage about Madagascar" for about 10 minutes before the first slide advances. So, just sit back and enjoy, everything will advance automatically.


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