Syagrus sp. 'Abreojos'

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Syagrus (sih-AHG-ruhs)
Sp. 'Abreojos'
'Mother palm' of all others, Bob De jong's old garden. San Clemente, CA.
Scientific Classification
Genus: Syagrus (sih-AHG-ruhs)
Sp. 'Abreojos'
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Pinnate
Survivability index
Common names

Habitat and Distribution

Baja California, Mexico.

'Mother palm' of all others, Bob De jong's old garden. San Clemente, CA. Photo by Troy Donovan, edric.



Comments and Curiosities

"On my Abreojos palm, I did sell and give away about 200 seedlings from my original group from which my palm came from 21 years ago. It is possible that one of them found its way to Oahu? I do remember giving some away at a palm society meeting at my house way back then...PogoBob".

Syagrus 'Abreojos' is a palm with much mystery. This Syagrus is either an unidentified species or possibly a very vigorous hybrid that has turned into a true giant. This palm is very robust, and absolutely dwarfs a normal looking queen palm. This palm was discovered by my father Robert "Pogo" de Jong in the early 1970's while he was on a surf trip in Southern Baja Mexico at a spot called Punta Abreojos. While there, he noticed a very unusual Syagrus growing off the water from the local ice plant and he collected some seed off it since it looked so different. How this mother palm got to Baja is unknown, since Syagrus palms originate from Central America. Since then, fellow visiting palm enthusiast are completely stumped on what species this is so we named it Sp. 'Abreojos' for the time being. The main difference with this palm are the massive leafs it produces. The leaves are so big and heavy that they never dry up and get old....they always end up breaking in the wind before time and old age can claim them! Leaflets are also much more broad and long, and the leafs have extremely long petioles even when grown in full blazing sun. This palm is hard to appreciate until you are standing under it looking up at the steroided out Syagrus! (Braden De jong, Willow Brook Nursery.), edric.

Etymology: Abre ojos; from the Spanish, literally 'Open eyes'

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