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Codiaeum variegatum Sybil Griffin. This croton was hybridized by Alvin Cutler of Miami.

REF: Brown, B. Frank 1995 Crotons of the World p.114.

Very fine, very large semi-oak.

This is some history from Marie Nock about the origin of two of these types, slightly edited:

"About 14 years ago friends of ours bought a home and moved back to Miami (Emmylou-Marnie Valent). In their garden a wonderful croton was growing. They brought us cuttings and we tried to identify it John Bender had never seen it so we gave him a plant. Finally we scheduled a visit to meet with Robert Halgrim and Bob Alonso. We took a cutting and Mr. Halgrim immediately identified it as Sybil Griffin. We looked in Brown's book once again and with an ID we could then see our plant in the picture of Sybil Griffin even though we had tried in vain to match it with a picture before. The plant that we had at the time looks like Jeff's picture (the large-leaf type) and I believe the same as Chris Mayhew's picture in the wiki - I think he got his plant from us. It's a younger plant not a different plant.

A few years later, I was introduced to the second form of Sybil Griffin (like Judy's plant) and thought there must be some sort of mistake. Two very different plants each worthy of a name with the same name? Then in Hawaii a few years later we found the one that Ron photographed at the Ramble."

Also, worthy of note, is that the large leaf form of Sybil Griffin has recently been given the name of 'Mardi Gras' by Jeff Searle for sale purposes.

REF: Alberts & Merkel Bros orchids Tropical Foliage plant catalog, 1966, p. 120.