SPECIES ZONE SCALE 1A: The Windmill Zone

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Ranking is from more hardy to less hardy.
If a Trachycarpus fortunei is hardy in your area, so is everything else on this page.

  • Sabal minor (4.5/-15.3)
  • Rhapidophyllum hystix (4.8/-15.1)
  • Trachycarpus fortunei (10.6/-11.9)

Realistically, this zone is not really a subtropical zone, but more of a humid temperate zone... it is listed here as subtropical because it is a continuum of zones that are consistently humid, and tend to not have prolonged cool periods- either cold or warm. Summers are hot and humid and nights tend to be relatively warm and humid, too. Winters are much different, though, and can be extremely cold (colder lows than 'equivalent' Mediterranean climates). However, cold temps are often quickly replaced by warm temps, especially as you go move from zone to zone... this is in contrast to Mediterranean climates which tend to be more moderate, with less extreme highs and lows... but most importantly have very long cool periods characterized by low humidity.

Several sources, including the newest Betrock's guide to Cold hardy palms, lists Rhapidophyllum as hardy to -5F... which is significantly more cold hardy than S minor. This book is written from a subtropical point of view, so I think it would apply to this list.Palmbob 17:02, 22 July 2007 (PDT)