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Danny (and Jack),

The files on Jack's site are useable in the present format. They are already PDFs. And their quality is "OK." But as I mentioned before, they are low-res.

I have been what many would consider as overly concerned with the quality of photos. IMO, for what we do, the photos are paramount, and worth thousands of words - especially when you can zoom in for detail. I have geared everything that I am able to for viewing on larger monitors, and specifically large screen TVs. When people come over and I put Palmpedia's photos and palmoramas on the big screen, they understand why I am so concerned with Higher-Res photos. Almost all photos on websites today will not display with any clarity on large screens. On laptops, and most desktop monitors they are acceptable. But on larger screens, or with any enlargement, they immediately turn blurry and pixelated.

With the computers and TVs of the near future it will become easier and easier to display the content on your computer on your living room Hi-Def TV. Once you view gardens and palms on a large screen with clarity, you would understand why I am striving for higher-res results. It's the future. It's more difficult, it requires more storage and bandwidth, but you would understand if I showed you. So I am trying to do things in a manner that will take advantage of the technology of 5-10 years from now, that will become commonplace. There is no way to "fix" things later.

But if you wanted, I could easily place those prepared articles on Palmpedia on a dedicated page linked to your PSSC site and your PP Page - without too much time or trouble. If you could give me a file of the appropriate Journal Cover, I could display a cover and place the articles that appeared in that edition within. We could easily add or delete articles from any edition as you saw fit. This is something that once set up could be easily accomplished by anyone. It wouldn't necessarily have to be done by me, once the framework is in place. Jack understands the concept of the wiki group project idea. And it would be easy for me to jump in with corrective action if ever needed.

However, as mentioned earlier. I found software that compresses PDFs while treating the photos and the text differently. That way it is possible to keep photos at a higher quality, while still achieving adequate compression. And if we were going to try and make this a high quality useful feature with the future in mind, I would like to attempt higher quality. Here are some examples:

Look at the photos in this recent article Trachycarpus

And compare with the photos in one I compressed Sabals These are viewable with clarity on larger screens. The first ones are even pixelated on my small laptop.

We could use the low-res files as a start, and as a vehicle to show other Directors what things could look like. Then we could swap out higher-res files later if they approved of the concept. But it would be nice to have the cover shots to make a nice display on a page.