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This is such a special dive (either snorkel or scuba) that we thought we would float this option. It is rated as one of the ten top dives in the world, and it is almost as much a thrill for the snorkelers as it is the divers. It will be an effort to coordinate, and may prove to be too difficult to arrange. But if there is enough interest, we thought we would do our best to make it a possibility.

It is not cheap. $95 for snorkelers, and $145 for scuba with gear offered for additional if needed. If there is enough interest, there is a possibility of chartering the whole boat for ourselves. I think it may take about 12-15 to do so.

Here's a short video to give you some idea. It doesn't really do it justice. The snorkelers are of course on the surface about 30 feet above with an excellent view of the action. FIRST VIDEO

This second one gives a good feeling of what's it's really like, but it's a lot longer SECOND VIDEO

Click on the Discussion Tab above for some testimonials from two who went on the dive.