Dypsis sp. 'mealy bug'

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Dypsis (DIP-sis)
sp. 'mealy bug'
Dypsis mahajanga.jpg
Scientific Classification
Genus: Dypsis (DIP-sis)
sp. 'mealy bug'
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Pinnate
Survivability index
Common names

Habitat and Distribution

Floribunda Palms, Hawaii, photo by BGL, edric.



Cold Hardiness Zone: 10a

Comments and Curiosities

It appears to be agreed on by everyone these days that the palm Mardy Darian brought in back in the 1980s as Dypsis sp. 'mealy bug' is Dypsis manajarensis. It is still affectionately referred to as The Mealy Bug, and has generated a little revisit to mystery of it's own.

There has recently been two seed batches that have come in as Dypsis malcomberi. One of these developes a very colorful and "mealy bug" marked petiole. (We'll leave the other D. malcomberi seeds for another page) Most Palmateers are beginning to suggest that this is the true Dypsis manajarensis 'mealy bug.'

When the Mealy Bug first began circulating in the early 1990s it was noticed that the few that were available appeared to be two forms. One had the 'mealy bugs' and one didn't. That mystery may now be solved with the inclusion of Dypsis malcomberi into the mix.

Both of the palms below at Jeff Marcus' were believed to be Mealy Bug, and therefore Dypsis manajarensis. However, recently it was reported that John Dransfield suggested they are two different species --- one unidentified, and the other Dypsis malcomberi.

Is it possible that the true Mealy Bug is Dypsis manajarensis as is widely accepted, and the Dypsis that was circulating as the Mealy Bug without distinct Mealy Bugs markings is the similar looking adult of Dypsis malcomberi?

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This is a tillering palm, it exhibits saxophone style root growth (it has a heel), keep top third of heel above soil elevation!

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Glossary of Palm Terms; Based on the glossary in Dransfield, J., N.W. Uhl, C.B. Asmussen-Lange, W.J. Baker, M.M. Harley & C.E. Lewis. 2008. Genera Palmarum - Evolution and Classification of the Palms. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. All images copyright of the artists and photographers (see images for credits).

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