Dypsis sp. 'jurrasic park'

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There is one thing that can be said with certainty. The palm that was initially sold as Dypsis sohanofensis and now being referred to as Dypsis sp. 'jurrasic park,' is definitely not Dypsis sohanofensis. But Dypsis sohanofensis now has it's very own controversy developing.

It is now being suggested that there are two palms making the rounds as Dypsis sp. 'jurrasic park.' Hopefully we can get some clarity regarding this palm to the point of at least discussing the same palm.

So unless it pans out otherwise, let's designate a Jurrasic Park "1" and a "Jurrasic Park "2."

Jurrassic Park "1" is the one that came in mistakenly as Dypsis sohanofensis, and reportedly suggested as a candidate for Dypsis tokoravina. Below are some nice specimens in a neighbor of Bo's garden at at Floribunda.

However, there seems to be some disagreement from several Palmateers that it is not Dypsis tokoravina. This Dypstery needs some more input to straighten out. Please click on the Discussion Tab to lend a hand. Below are some pics of what the Aussies have been assuming to be Dypsis tokorivina. Photos by Licuala Mikey

Now --- Below are some more recent shots of the same palm at Jan's. Is it still a candidate for Dypsis tokorivina? Or is it looking more like Jurrasic Park "1" Should there really be two forms of Jurrasic Park? Photos by Bill Beattie

Keep in mind that the seeds of these palms reportedly entered Australia simply as Dypsis sp. And entered the US as Dypsis sohanofensis. So all of the subsequent names are just 'given' names.