Dypsis schatzii

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Dypsis (DIP-sis)
schatzii (skaht'-zee)
Betampona, Madagascar. Photo by Dr. Adam Britt/Palmweb.
Scientific Classification
Genus: Dypsis (DIP-sis)
schatzii (skaht'-zee)
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary & clustering.
Leaf type: Entire bifid & 4 blades.
Survivability index
Common names
Tsinkara (Betsimisaraka).

Habitat and Distribution

Endemic to E Madagascar; only known from Betampona. Lowland rain forest,
Betampona, Madagascar. Photo by Dr. John Dransfield, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew/Palmweb.
steep mid slope; alt. 500-565 m.


Solitary or clustering palm. STEM(S) 2-3 m tall, to 1 cm in diam.; internodes 2-6 cm long, distally with dense reddish scales, often with sheath remnants clothing the stem in its distal part. LEAVES 6-13 in the crown, entire or with 2 pinnae; sheath 8-12 cm long, dense reddish scaly, closed, with triangular auricles 0.6-1.2 cm long; petiole absent or up to 10 cm long, distally about 2 mm wide, densely scaly; lamina dark green, when entire obovate, 17.5-41 cm long, 6.8-11 cm wide, with lobes 2.6-7 cm long; main veins 11-13, faint, only the midrib prominent; apices long-dentate, the teeth continuing along the outer margins to about halfway down the leaf, the teeth to 1 cm long, rarely a deep lacuna almost reaching the midrib; midrib densely scaly, minor veins with bands of scattered scales abaxially, as well as white-punctate abaxially which gives the abaxial side a silvery appearance; when pinnate with a rachis 18-22 cm long, leaflets 2 on each side of the rachis, the proximal 9-10 x 1.1-1.7 cm, acuminate, leaflet interval 2-3 cm, distal leaflets obovate 17-24 cm long, about 7 cm wide, with 3-5 main veins, connate for > 80%. INFLORESCENCE interfoliar, branched to 1 order; peduncle 28-31 cm long, distally 1.5-2 mm in diam., densely reddish-scaly; prophyll 18-21 cm long, 6-7 mm wide, borne at about 4 cm above the base of the peduncle, opening in the distal 1.5-2 cm, with scattered scales; peduncular bract inserted 14-18 cm from the base of the peduncle, 9-11 cm long, opening in the distal few cm, with scattered scales; non-tubular peduncular bracts 2-3 mm long, sometimes almost tubular; rachis 1-5 cm long, beige in fruit, with 3-6 first order branches; rachillae 6.5-13 cm long, minutely puberulous with reddish stellate scales and dense triads; rachilla bract 0.6-0.8 mm, rounded. STAMINATE FLOWERS with sepals 1.1-1.4 x 0.6-1.6 mm, the middle one very asymmetrical; petals 1.6-2 x 1.2-1.4 mm; stamens 6, slightly biseriate (offset < 0.1 mm), filaments reflexed rachilla 2.5-3.5 cm long. The sepals are about 0.7 mm long, and the stamens seem to be didymous;the plant is in young bud, so we are unable to reach a conclusion as to its identity. (J. Dransfield and H. Beentje. 1995). (J. Dransfield and H. Beentje. 1995)/Palmweb. Editing by edric.


Cold Hardiness Zone: 10a

Comments and Curiosities

This is a very handsome small undergrowth palm; it is named for the collector of the type, George Schatz of Missouri Botanical Garden, who has worked with us in the field, often helping greatly with logistic arrangements. (J. Dransfield and H. Beentje. 1995) /Palmweb. Conservation: Vulnerable. Only known from a single site; numbers estimated to be less than fifty. (J. Dransfield and H. Beentje. 1995)/Palmweb.

Uses: Stems used to make blowpipes, for poison darts.

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Glossary of Palm Terms; Based on the glossary in Dransfield, J., N.W. Uhl, C.B. Asmussen-Lange, W.J. Baker, M.M. Harley & C.E. Lewis. 2008. Genera Palmarum - Evolution and Classification of the Palms. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. All images copyright of the artists and photographers (see images for credits).

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