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There continue to be more questions than answers surrounding this awesome palm genus. This page is for listing any of the many Dypsis that are unknown or are just begging for some info, opinions, or comments. Click on the discussion tab at the top to add your feedback or questions.


Possible Dypsis florencei/paludosa Type

These were in a seed batch labeled Dypsis coriacea. Obviously that is not what it is. Any ideas???


Dypsis sp. 'white streak'

I know - a stupid name. But I don't know what it even looks like. A nice little Dypsis though. Help us out. We now have a possible name of Dypsis beentjei. Can anyone confirm this as a possibility?


Dypsis sp. 'ambilanensis'

A unique looking clumping Dypsis - similar to D. psammophila, but different enough to wonder.


Dypsis heteromorpha ???

Does anyone know what this really looks like? There isn't that much info. If a 'Baronii type' it would appear to be the only one with "fuzz." From elevation, it should be a great one for temperate climates if it is.


Dypsis baronii Type

Is this just another of the many forms of Dypsis baronii? Or could this be something different? The colors alone make it unlike any I have seen. We've been informed that this was sold by Alfred as Dypsis sp. 'lafazamanga.' Does that mean anything to anybody?


Dypsis sp. 'Orange Crush' NOT

This palm looked identical to Dypsis pilulifera (Orange Crush) as a 1 gal seedling, but is developing into a clearly different species. Perhaps another unknown. Any ideas?


D. sp. 'tiny stem'

Another stupid name, but it's just to emphasize the size of this palm. I should of had something for scale, as this palm looks like many of the MCD (Moderate Clumping Dypsis) but it is a miniature version. If you saw it in person, you wouldn't lump it in with any of the others - it is that small.