Cocos nucifera 'Maypan'

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Cocos (KOH-kohs)
nucifera (noo-SIFF-ehr-ah)
'F1 Maypan'
F1 hybrid, 'Maypan'
Scientific Classification
Genus: Cocos (KOH-kohs)
nucifera (noo-SIFF-ehr-ah)
'F1 Maypan'
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Pinnate
Height: 18m
Sun exposure: Full sun
Watering: Moderate
Survivability index
Common names
Maypan Coconut.

Habitat and distribution

Cocos nucifera 'Maypan' is found in tropical areas. Now used in areas where lethal
F1 hybrid, 'Maypan'
yellowing is common, as it is resistant to the disease.


Maypan is a variety of Coconut palm that was developed in Jamaica to be resistant to the lethal yellowing disease. It is a medium to large-sized palm generally reaching about 18 meters in height. Propagation is by seed (the fruit). Editing by edric.


Like all coconut variety's, it can only be grown in areas where temperatures above 40 degrees F. are maintained, this genus stops producing Chlorophyll below that temperature, edric.

Comments and Curiosities

This is a monotypic genus, despite all of its variations.

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