Coccothrinax clarensis

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Coccothrinax (koh-koh-TRIH-naks)
clarensis (clahr-EN-sis)
Photo by Rolf Kyburz.
Scientific Classification
Genus: Coccothrinax (koh-koh-TRIH-naks)
clarensis (clahr-EN-sis)
Coccothrinax gundlachii, until 1995. Henderson and colleagues (1995) considered C. clarensis subsp. clarensis to be a synonym of Coccothrinax gundlachii and C. clarensis subsp. brevifolia to be a synonym of Coccothrinax pauciramosa.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Palmate
Survivability index
Common names
Santa Clara Silver Palm

Habitat and Distribution

Coccothrinax clarensis is a palm which is endemic to central and eastern Cuba.
Miami FL. Photo by Ryan D. Gallivan.
Coccothrinax clarensis comes from Santa Clara valley in Cuba where the species are found.


A superb dwarf palm from eastern Cuba with small, stiff leaves with few, narrow segments that are finely tipped and silvery underneath and very neat, coarse, woody fibers enclosing the upper portion of the slender trunk. The "Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas" treated C. clarensis subsp. clarensis as a synonym of Coccothrinax gundlachii. (


Full sun, moist, well drained soil.

Comments and Curiosities

Etymology: Its name suggests that it has small coconut-like fruit (Greek coccos: berry and thrinax: trident or winnowing fork).

There are two sub species, Coccothrinax clarensis subsp. brevifolia, and Coccothrinax clarensis subsp. clarensis. Editing by edric.

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