Chamaedorea deckeriana

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Scientific Classification
Genus: Chamaedorea
Dasystachys deckeriana
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Bifid
Survivability index
Common names

Habitat and Distribution

Chamaedorea deckeriana is found in COSTA RICA, and in a few parts of PANAMA in the wet
Chamaedorea deckerianaz.jpg
forest on the Atlantic slope up to 900 m elevation.


Chamaedorea deckeriana is a particularly attractive plant, and with it's scarcity would be much sought after by collectors. The packed and heavily laden bright red-orange fruits add to its overall spectacular appearance. It is solitary with large coarse bifid leaves having an almost corrugated look, from .3- 2 m tall, with a slender stem of 2-3 cm in diameter. Editing by edric.

Uncommon in cultivation and easily confused with C. allenii and C. zamorae. It exists in a few collections in California, Florida, Hawaii, and Australia. It is also cultivated in a few gardens in Costa Rica.


Like most understory "Chams", it prefers a sheltered, and moist but well drained position. Will grow in tropical through to warm, temperate regions.

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Comments and Curiosities

Hodel reports the flowers have a distinct pungent fragrance the permeates the greenhouse in where he is growing this species which "conjures up images of a deep, dark, primeval rain forest, just the sort of habitat in which one finds C. deckeriana."

Chamaedorea is a dioecious genus - meaning the male and female flowers occur on separate plants. The Greek is translated to mean “gift on the ground” - possibly referring to the small stature and pleasant surprise of finding such a gem at your feet.

The epithet honors 19th-century German botanist G. H. Decker, from whose garden the type originated.

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