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To Be Categorized

These are Crotons that already have a page and a photo in the Gallery, but need someone to identify the leaf shape and place it in the right location. IT IS EXTREMELY EASY. Just click on the name, and when you get to the page, click on the "edit" tab at the top. When you get to the edit window, look for where it says "" Then just replace (as you would with any word processor) the TBC with the proper leaf shape. If its an oak leaf, Just replace "TBC" with "OAK LEAF" (all capitals) and click the "Save page" button at the bottom. IT'S DONE. Now that croton will automatically appear in the proper location, indexed and alphabetized, in the Croton Gallery.

You can also click the "Show preview" button if you are unsure if you did it right. If it appears correct, then click on "Save page."

If you get the urge, you can also add any info you wish to the page about the particular variety, such as proper exposure, where it came from, size, problems, etc.

Or, if you wish to get credit for the photo, you can also add your name to the photo caption.


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  • TBC(48 sp.)