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This is the first picture that presents photos of the eophylls of all four Lytocaryum spp together (L hoehnei, L insigne, L itapebiense, and L weddellianum; Lytocaryum is now considered as subgenus of Syagrus):
Seedlings of all four species of the sub-genus Lytocaryum half a year old: L weddellianum showing already the tip of the 4th leaf, L insigne the 3rd leaf, and L hoehnei and L itapebiense only the 2nd leaf. The size of the plastic pot is 8×8×H9 cm.
Lytocaryum in natural habitat: L. weddellianum in Petrópolis and Magé (RJ); L. insigne in Santa Leopoldina (ES) / Brazil. by Research Work Editor Pal Meir