Basselinia iterata

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Basselinia (bas-seh-lin-EE-ah)
iterata (iht-eh-RAH-tah)
New Caledonia. Photo by Giles Pierson.
Scientific Classification
Genus: Basselinia (bas-seh-lin-EE-ah)
iterata (iht-eh-RAH-tah)
None set.
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Pinnate
Survivability index
Common names

Habitat and Distribution

Basselinia iterata is located in the northeast of the mainland on the eastern slopes of the Ignambi (above Diahoué), and on the western slopes of Mount Panié. habitat In the undergrowth of the rainforest.
Locaction: West Side of Mount Panié, New Caledonia.
Substrate: On ground more or less deep on sedimentary substrate (shale or mica).A single ridge between Mt. Colnett, and Mt. Ignambi, in north-east New Caledonia, where it is found in low forest, or in exposed situations.


Small solitary palm of 7 to 8 m high with a diam. 8 cm; trunk topped with leaf scars visible but not prominent. Slender, emergent, feather palm to about 10 m tall. It has a noticeably reddish-brown inflorescence. Leaves about 6 per crown, 1.5 m long, erect and spreading, with a petiole 10-45 cm long, scaly dark below; sheath 60 cm long, olive green with dark scales outside, green inside; penne about 16 on each side of the spine. Phenology (flower) 1-5 inflorescences stiff and spreading, cortes, from 35 to 40 x 45 cm well-branched, densely pubescent recuvertes a red-brown. Fruit ovoid, 10 mm in dia., Black? at maturity, with prominent stigmatic residue in the lateral position towards the middle. Editing by edric.


Very few known in cultivation.

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