Bactris gastoniana

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Bactris (BAHK-triss)
gastoniana (gahs-tohn-ee-AHN-ah)
Treasury trail, Kaw Mountain, Gyuane, (French Guiana).
Scientific Classification
Genus: Bactris (BAHK-triss)
gastoniana (gahs-tohn-ee-AHN-ah)
Pyrenoglyphis gastoniana
Native Continent
Habit: Solitary
Leaf type: Pinnate
Survivability index
Common names
Brazil: marajá. French Guiana: anuya wili (Wayâpi). Suriname: hanaimaka, naimacca, tamutubë (Trio). (Henderson, A.J. 2000)/Palmweb.

Habitat and Distribution

Bactris gastoniana is found in Brazil North, French Guiana, and Suriname.
Treasury trail, Kaw Mountain, Gyuane, (French Guiana).
Central and eastern Amazon region in Suriname, French Guiana, and Brazil (Amapa, Amazonas, Pará). Lowland rain forest on terra firme, at 87-500 m elevation.


A solitary palm of the undergrowth, acaulescent (stemless) and small, totals less than a meter high, palms arched, and wider than high. Leaflets very long, and pointed, and irregularly arranged, alternately, on two or three sides of the rachis. Palm is solitary, but cespitose, usually in groupings, seldom alone. Usually subterranean, (acualescent), seldom an aerial trunk, and then only a 5-60 cm tall trunk, 0.8-2 cm diam., covered with persistent, decaying leaf bases. Leaves 4-8; leaf spines widely scattered, black, terete, to 5 cm long, on sheath, petiole, and proximal part of rachis, sometimes absent; sheath 11-20 cm long, persistent, fibrous at apex, sheath, petiole and rachis brown-tomentose; ocrea to 10 cm long; petiole 40-75 cm long; rachis 45-55 cm long; pinnae 8-11 per side. Bactris gastoniana is diagnosed by its short stem, sigmoid, aristate, 8-11 pinnae per side, inflorescence with 1 rachilla, staminodial ring, and purple-black fruits. Editing by edric.


Hardiness USDA zones 10a-11.

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