Arenga microcarpa

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Arenga (ah-REN-gah)
Scientific Classification
Genus: Arenga (ah-REN-gah)
Arenga gracilicaulis
Native Continent
Habit: Clustering
Leaf type: Pinnate
Survivability index
Common names
Wild sagu palm.

Habitat and Distribution

Arenga microcarpa
6128487582 e305fc7b5a o.jpg
is endemic to Maluku, New Guinea, Open lowland areas near streams in Irian Jaya, and the Northern Territory of Australia.


A medium sized densely clustering palm, to about 7m. Slender trunks, and dark glossy green leaves, with silvery undersides. Purple flowers, and small red fruit.


An interesting and strong-growing palm for SoCal coastal districts, it performs well as a house- or conservatory plant. It tolerates low light, but does best in a Sunny, tropical position, with plenty of water. and growing rather fast to produce a good-sized plant in a number of years. Grows best in Porous, Sandy, Humus. Fruits have highly imitant juice, be very careful when handling.

Comments and Curiosities

There is also one sub species, Arenga microcarpa var. keyensis. Sagu is made from the trunks, by the natives.

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